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366324 г. Шали, Шалинский район, ул. Ивановская, д.1
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+7 (87146) 2-22-21

About Shalinsky district

250px-Location_Of_Shalinsky_District_(Chechnya,_2009).svg.png Shalinsky District (Russian: Шали́нский райо́н; Chechen: Шелан кӏошт) is an administrative and municipal district (raion), one of the fifteen in the Chechen Republic, Russia. It is located in the center of the republic. The area of the district is 700 square kilometers (270 sq mi). Its administrative center is the town of Shali. Population: 115,970 (2010 Census); 68,862 (2002 Census); 136,590 (1989 Census).The population of Shali accounts for 41.1% of the district's total population
Within the framework of administrative divisions, Shali serves as the administrative center of Shalinsky District. As an administrative division, it is incorporated within Shalinsky District as Shali Town Administration. As a municipal division, Shali Town Administration is incorporated within Shalinsky Municipal District as Shalinskoye Urban Settlement.
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